After hard work and good progress with our renovation we are at a key stage of recruitment for our 3-buildings-and-7-acres co-op. Over the last 2 years we have installed log-fired central heating and upgraded infrastructure including a wetland water treatment system, better electrics and better access. We are now completing a couple of flats in the big house and upgrading two of the shared house bedrooms...ready for new members to move into next year.


We currently have 7 members, all living and working here on the border of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Powys, and over the next months we'll be meeting all those who applied befre the May 2016 deadline.  We'll be actively recruiting again in the future, so please do send more applications if you like, but we won't be getting in touch with any more new applicants until winter 20/162017 now.


Big Opportunity

Members help renovate our 3 buildings and manage 7 acres of land. Some areas of land are still quite unmanaged, but could provide part of land-based livelihoods in forestry, crafts, veg' growing and fruit orchards.  Hosting events and small courses here could be another future possibility. There is also good shared workshop space. The new flats are well designed and fully fitted out. Some of the shared house rooms are enormous and all are potentially beautiful. It's beautiful all over here, with loads of wildlife, clear stars and space to play, at the edge of the well appointed village of Leintwardine.

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Big Ask:

We need members who are able to live in and around a building site and work closely with the people they live with/ next door to. We have at least 1 meeting a month which everyone comes to. Investment of time and energy, imagination and patience are all required. Finding paid work round here requires similar qualities. All members pay rent and bills, and for our renovation to proceed on schedule, we're hoping to recruit people who can all commit significant time to the renovation work. (between 1 and 3 days a week). Ideally we want people with some aptitude for practical work and resources, confidence and interest to learn on the job.

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Who you'd live with

The shared house members buy and cook food together. The current flat and static-caravan inhabitants have chosen various amounts of involvement in shared meals. You would also be sharing the land and wider co-op with 2 dogs, some chickens, 2 small children and maybe a few events each year such as camps, courses and gatherings. We are a diverse bunch, including vegans and meat-eaters, teachers and parents, growers and brewers...


Becoming a member

Our membership process usually takes 3-6 months from when you first get in touch to when you move in, and a further 6 months before you become a full member. Click here to find out how to apply.


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